Whitepaper: Leading Insurance Companies Reveal Their Strategies for Autonomous Vehicles, Cyber, The Gig Economy and Pandemics

Emerging risks are creating next-generation insurance models that may alter the way risk is managed for good. As risks change, customer expectations change to, making it more important than ever for insurers to deliver a more personalized and customized approach.

What practical steps can insurers take to deliver customer-centric products and services that increase the penetration of insurance for new and emerging risks?

Intelligent Insurer caught up with Liberty Mutual Global Risk Solutions, Kin Insurance, Cowbell Cyber, SCOR, Zurich and Swiss Re to find out.

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By reading this content you’ll get expert insights on how to:

  • Drive Risk Prevention For Cyber Risk: Help customers to identify weak points in systems to minimise the chance of an attack, plus pick up tactics to offer the broadest cover possible especially for intangible assets like IP and reputation
  • Adapt Models To Cope With Climate Change: Solve the problem of increased payouts for climate related claims with a strategy to leverage machine learning and advanced data sources to better predict and price climate change risk
  • Quantify Risks Arising From The Gig Economy: Get expert advice on how to assess and price risks associated with the gig economy, and harness granular real-time data to expand cover for customers who need flexible and tailored solutions to overcome gaps in traditional policies
  • Respond To The Challenge Of Autonomous Vehicles: Dig into the different risks that autonomous vehicles bring and benchmark your progress to meet the demand for new products and solutions to meet accelerating user requirements

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You’ll get expert commentary from these industry heavyweights:


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You’ll find out how smart devices, parametrics, AI and aerial imagery is being used to manage emerging risks such as:

  • The rise of autonomous vehicles
  • New risks associated with the state legalization of cannabis
  • Adapting to the sharing economy
  • Impending pandemic, namely Coronavirus
  • Social consciousness and sustainability

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