Cyber Risk Alert

Cyber security in the time of coronavirus


With the ongoing spread of coronavirus, government guidance is changing rapidly. In many countries, healthy individuals are being asked for the first time to avoid unnecessary public exposure, for example at large gatherings, on public transport … and in the workplace.

As a result, many businesses around the world are now either planning for or actively implementing a business model involving far more remote workers than they had ever anticipated. IT and management teams are hard at work on the infrastructure and organization to facilitate this. In the rush to keep businesses
working, there is a significant risk that security will not be properly thought through.

If the right level of security is in place, your business will be wellplaced to fend off cyber security threats. Too little, and you are vulnerable. Too much security, applied in the wrong ways, and your employees will feel stifled and start finding workarounds, ultimately still leaving the business vulnerable.

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