Whitepaper:  Plotting the Future of the Underwriter - Exciting Times Ahead

The evolution of the underwriter has already begun, and the transformation won’t wait for those who try to ignore it. Technology is stoking and accelerating the pace of change, driving the huge explosion in data that is now available to inform pricing and risk selection, piling on the pressure to do more and do it faster, and creating customer demands for more value, better user experiences and more tailored cover.

Get a detailed guide on becoming the underwriter of the future with this new whitepaper with insights from Berkshire Hathaway, Everest Insurance, Nationwide, Aite Group and Praedicat.

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By reading this whitepaper you’ll: 

  • Explore how the role and function of underwriting is accelerating towards being more decision-centric around risk, especially in the small commercial space, and how this is amplifying portfolio skills
  • Identify how much upskilling is required to ensure your underwriters are confident in absorbing and creatively analysing large amounts of data to enhance portfolio-level decisions
  • Understand which technologies will have the greatest impact on underwriting: Use AI to get a complete view of risk, deploy solutions to help overcome a lack of historical data for emerging risks and use technology to effectively connect claims and underwriting
  • Discover how data is being shared with other risk partners collaboratively to address risk and get tips on working with insurtech for loss mitigation, loss control and underwriting pricing – ultimately making underwriting more efficient 

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